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Pinned topic TO FIND Checkedin File View_name

‏2012-09-25T14:39:30Z |
I need to find a view_name of a checked-in file. I'm able to find user but not the view_name in which user has checkedin. Can anyone help me in this.

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John Levin S
  • Lumart
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    Re: TO FIND Checkedin File View_name

    I am not sure about that, but for all I know, this kind of information is not available in ClearCase.
    You might try a lshistory...
    If it doesn't work, you can write a post-checkin trigger that retrieves the view name from an environment variable and writes it in an attribute attached to the file.
  • Tgefen
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    Re: TO FIND Checkedin File View_name

    Do you need it to track an event that occurred in past? Or track events immediately when they happen?