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Pinned topic IBM Worklight V5.0.0.3: updated Getting Started modules now available

‏2012-09-25T09:34:08Z |
The following IBM Worklight Getting Started modules have been updated to indicate under which conditions they might be used (see their slide 3):
1. Module_05_4_-_Creating_Cast_Iron_Adapters.pdf
2. Module_42_-_Moving_from_Development_Environment_to_Remote_QA_and_Production_Servers.pdf
3. Module_44_-_Device_Analytics.pdf
4. Module_45_1_-_Integrate_Existing_Web_Content.pdf

The following IBM Worklight Getting Started modules have been updated as follows:
1. Module_07_6_-_Combining_Native_and_Web_Pages.pdf: clarification that is available only on iOS and Android
2. Module_13_-_Working_with_UI_frameworks.pdf: explanations added on how to configure the Worklight builder
3. Module_23_-_WebSphere_LTPA_Based_Authentication.pdf: updates about the V5.0.0.3 security mechanism
4. Module_31_2_-_iOS_Shell_Development.pdf: removed obsolete references
5. Module_60_2_-_Running_Dojo_based_Mysurance_End_to_End_Sample.pdf: replaced C2DM with GCM
The updated version of these modules are dated "24 September 2012", on the front page.
You can find this document under the "Getting started with IBM Worklight" tab at

Nicolas Mériau, IBM Worklight documentation