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Pinned topic Infosphere Streams ver 1.2 : Unable to compile the application

‏2012-09-25T06:44:58Z |
Hi All

We are using Streams ver 1.2 on Linux 64 bit servers and have a cluster of 20 servers.
Out of those 20 servers, we are unable to compile the application on 10 servers and getting error as below. Actually only these 10 servers went to some AIX Security Patch and since then we are getting the error.

Preprocessing file 'main.dmm'...
Compiling 'main.dps'...
Preprocessing file 'main.dps'...
Creating operator graph partitioning ...
Creating application model ...
Generating node pools...

ERROR: Cannot obtain a real hostname other than 'localhost' host for host 'localhost'

While the same application gets compile on the other set of 10 servers correctly.
Please help us out in this issue and let me know if some other information is needed from my end.

Thanks And Regards
Swati Shah
  • mendell
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    Re: Infosphere Streams ver 1.2 : Unable to compile the application

    You have a problem with the hostname resolution on those machines. The SPADE compiler gets the hostname using the gethostname() system call, and then resolves that name to an IP address, and then tries mapping the IP address back to a hostname (other than localhost).

    You have a problem with /etc/hosts, or more likely, the DNS (Domain Name System) name and IP address resolution.

    Use ping `hostname` to figure out your IP address, and then use dig -x addr to map back to the same hostname as you started with.

    Somewhere in there, you should be able to figure out where the problem lies

  • hnasgaard
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    Re: Infosphere Streams ver 1.2 : Unable to compile the application

    It sounds like those nodes may have a network config problem. Have a look in the install/admin guide, chapter 2, section Verify local hostname to IP requirements. Perhaps you could post the output from /sbin/ifconfig. Here's a link to the guide although it should be in your install:

    Are these linux servers VMs on an AIX machine?