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‏2012-09-24T23:22:12Z |
I have a workflow which has five steps, The first step is to search for documents based on a defined criteria, all the search results will become part of the workflow attachment. After the last steps, i want to remove all the attachments from the workflow. As the workflow runs in a loop after every 24 hours :)
I have seen that the pe db is consumption increase very drastically and i can understand that PE keep a separate copy of document instance.
I have added a sixth step in my workflow that will assign a blank array of attachment but it does not made any effect on the db consumption.
Would you please share any idea/experience, how to handle attachments in this scenario.
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    Re: Working & handling vwattachments


    It sounds like you are able to clear the attachment references in the workflow instance.

    An attachment is just a canonical string that contains enough information to retrieve the referenced item.   The PE database does not contain any document information, unless the document content is explicitly stored in a String workflow field.

    There are various reasons for the PE database to use additional disk space.  

       - Many active workflow instances with many active work items

       - Tracker work items that are not cleaned up

       - Event logs that are not pruned

       - etc.