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Pinned topic ICM9708: Object not found in database for Item ID

‏2012-09-24T23:15:04Z |

We have been trying to copy our LIVE Documents from DB2 Content Manager 8.3 to a similar TEST Environment.
The documents are saved in CAS Storage and the Storage Team created a replica of the LIVE documents so that we can access them in TEST.
We copied the relevant Library Server and Resource Manager tables from LIVE to TEST. Following are the tables that we copied:

Now we can view the meta data of the documents when we search them in the Content Manger Windows Client.
However, whenwe try to view the documents or copy them, we are getting the following errors:
ICM9708: Object not found in database for Item ID
DGL3626A: Item ID not found

Checked through Database queries and the Item IDs have been successfully copied.

Could anyone please suggest if we need to copy the data to any more tables so that the documents can be accessed?
Or if there is a better way to copy the documents from one environment to another?

Please note, that the number of documents is huge.

Any help will be highly appreciated.