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Pinned topic How to detect IM data location? Thanks

‏2012-09-24T15:34:19Z |
We encountered an IM issue related with the data location. Here is the scenario:
1) Use IM to install an application with the customized data location c:\IBM\Installation Manager\data. -- good
2) Use launchpad from the media to launch IM to install second application. -- failed
Error message:
Installation Manager 1.5.0 is already installed at location "c:\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse" and is using "c:\IBM\Installation Manager\data" for it's data location. When installing an Installation Manager, the same data location must be used. The current data location "c:\IBM\Installation Manager" is not the same data location.

Root cause:
data location conflict,specify data location c:\IBM\Installation Manager\data when first used IM to install application. Use default data location c:\Program Data When second time launch IM from launchpad.

Does any one know a way to detect the data location of IM? Thanks.
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    Re: How to detect IM data location? Thanks

    The Installation Manager install kit on the media with the launchpad will need to be adjusted. In the install.ini file add

    c:\IBM\Installation Manager\data

    The end result of the install.ini in the install kit might look like this:

    c:\IBM\Installation Manager\data

    The docs on the data location: states

    If you specify a directory location for -dataLocation that is not the default value, the specified location must be used each time you use Installation Manager or the Installation Manager installer. For the Installation Manager installer, each time you start the installer, you must specify the same directory location by using the -dataLocation option. The installed instance of Installation Manager uses the specified location automatically.

    The word "installer" means the install kit which is on the media and is invoked using install.exe or userinst.exe. The "installed instance" means the IBMIM.exe after it has been installed. You must not change the data location for the "installed instance"
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    Re: How to detect IM data location? Thanks

    Thanks Powell. I tried the way you provided, it did work.

    But my question is: is there a way to automatically detect the data location the existing IM is using? In my case will be how to detect IM data location is c:\IBM\Installation Manager\data? Thanks.