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Pinned topic "Error loading printing library" when trying to print application diagramms

‏2012-09-24T14:56:36Z |
hi guys,

when I want to print an application diagramm, I get the following error message:
"Error loading printing library
An error occurred while loading the printing library.
For full printing functionality, please make sure that the printing library file is in the path and restart the application before printing again.
This problem can be fixed by reinstalling the product.
Would you like to continue printing with reduced functionality anyway?"

I don't want to reinstall RDP (-> I'm using RTC also), so I want to find out and fix the reason.

So I tried the following steps for troubleshooting:
- restart of the workbench
- restart of the computer
- tests with another already existing workspace
- tests with a new workspace
- test to print just some source-code -> no error occurred!

Does anyone know the reason for this issue?

Thanks a lot!