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Pinned topic Content Modification: Trend Micro Core Protection Module sites

‏2012-09-24T13:43:33Z |
Hi all,
Please be informed that the CPM team has just published an update to the Core Protection Module sites. A summary of the content update is available below.
Overview of Content Update

This update resolves several Windows 8 compatibility issues and supports installing CPM endpoints on Windows 8.

Published Site Version

• Trend Micro Core Protection Module site: version 46

• Trend Micro Data Protection site: version 6

• Trend Micro Reporting site: version 33

• Trend Micro Mac Protection Module site: version 19

• Trend Micro Common Firewall site: version 14

Post-update Actions

1. To deploy CPM to Windows 8, follow client deploy instructions in Administrator's Guide and use the task "Core Protection Module - Endpoint Deploy" to deploy CPM to your endpoints.

  • Note

  • When deploying Core Protection Module to Windows 8 platforms, the installer automatically upgrades incompatible drivers and a warning message may display. Click the “Close” button on the warning dialog to upgrade the drivers.

  • For endpoints upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8, Trend Micro recommends uninstalling Core Protection Module before upgrading to Windows 8. Re-install Core Protection Module after the Windows 8 upgrade completes.

Best Regards,

CPM team