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Pinned topic How can I uninstall WebExp factory

‏2012-09-22T22:29:29Z |
I intalled webExp factory yestarday, now I want to uninstall it so I can install new version, I am admin of my box which is windows 7 prof, when I try to uninstall WebExp factory I get the message that I do not have priv or enough access to uninstall. Any suggestion?

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    Re: How can I uninstall WebExp factory

    Not sure why it won't uninstall but if you are just putting a new version and you hadn't done anything with the previous version you can just delete the directory that you installed into and install a new one. You can also have more than one version on your system if you want. the only thing that is stored in the registry that won't be removed is the program menu entries that will be replaced when you do the new install.