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Pinned topic IBM HTTPServer - will it accept xml file as index page

‏2012-09-22T03:25:34Z |
Hi Experts,

I have an requirement to design an xml using Infopath example Weekly Report. Since my office resources are shared environment, some guys sits at city1 and others in city2.

Weekly Report requirement is to gather each resource time spend on all projects and new setup released activities. For the next week, previous copy of weekly report should exist.

I was allowed only to have RHEL or AIX Server, IBM HTTPServer.

My question is, will IBM HTTPServer accepts xml file as index page.

Appreciate your help on this.

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    Re: IBM HTTPServer - will it accept xml file as index page

    You can set DirectoryIndex to any kind of file you want. You may need to also set AddType if the content-type is not right by default.