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Pinned topic Apple "Supervise" and "Guided" mode for iOS6

‏2012-09-21T20:32:45Z |
Ars Technica has a nice review of iOS6 Supervise and Guided mode on Ars Technica and how they work with MDM products... The idea is that companies can lock down their iPhone/iPads so that they either only run one app, "Guided" mode (which is sort of like a "kiosk mode"), or the device to be locked down so the end-user can't remove the MDM or other profiles, "Supervise" mode...

This would work with our MDM solution natively (by provisioning the MDM profile directly in supervise mode and then controlling it after that through IBM Endpoint Manager).

IBM iOS6 support announcement:
Apple's Configurator docs (describing Supervise mode):