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Pinned topic IBM Worklight V5.0.0.3: updated "Administration Guide" now available

‏2012-09-21T17:02:31Z |
The IBM Worklight "Administration Guide" has been updated as follows:
1. Clarification on how to create and locate the file (see Appendix A, database setup sections)
2. Replacement of C2DM to GCM (see section 6.1 and Appendix D)
3. Information concerning name length restrictions in Unix and Linux (see Appendix A, section DB2 database setup)
4. Introduction of the Troubleshooting section (see section 11)
5. Miscellaneous corrections

The updated version of this document is dated "20 September 2012" on the front page.
You can find this document under the "IBM Worklight user documentation" tab at

Nicolas Mériau, IBM Worklight documentation