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Pinned topic TWS error AWSBIO039E

‏2012-09-21T05:53:51Z |
In TWS (TWS & TDWC 8.5.1 fihpak 2) discovered a strange error:

AWSUI0291E The job stream JS_NAME cannot be submitted because of the following engine error: AWSJSY102E The Symphony plan operation 
"addJobStreamInstance" could not be completed because the supplied variable was not found. The internal error message is: 
" could not be found.".

It is clear that TWS can't find a variable, but VT is indicated in itself JobStream.
Error is only running jobstream through TDWC
If JobStream submitting from conman it's OK
And if submitting from TDWC optionally specify VariableTable there is no error to.
But in the version 8.5.1 without fixes error is not observed.

Maybe someone knows how to fix it?
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    Re: TWS error AWSBIO039E



    the issue seems the following defect fixed in Tivoli Workload Scheduler Fix Pack 3 and documented in readme in following way:

    55786: JobStream submission from webui fails if the JS includes variables.

    The error is solved in TWS engine 8.5.1 fix pack3