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Hi there,

In a mediation I want to join two arrays with the join primitive so I created two primary connections which results in a join.
One of the arrays contains more elements than the other one, lets say 3 and 4.
I want the target array to contain 4 elements.
When I don't specify a join expression I get 12 elements in the target (every combination possible).
When I define a join expression on index I only get 3 elements in stead of the 4 wanted.
I've defined the array with 4 elements as the outer loop by defining it in the order as first the first one.
The question is how to get 4 elements in the target ?

Thanks in advance,
Arco van der Velden
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    Re: Join arrays

    What do ou mean by a "join primitive"? I've never seen one of these.

    Are you talkng about a join within a xslt transformation or a fan-in primitive?
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    Re: Join arrays

    In my experience, tasks like this are most easily solved by custom visual snippets. Creation of a flow by combination of your own set of visual snippets is much simpler (and much faster) way that trying to create your flow by combination of the existing visual components. The collection of default visual components is VERY limited, and does not even suffice for most of a little more complicated tasks. Creation of a custom visual snippet is very easy (once you learn how to do it). Gradually, you will build your own collection of useful visual snippets that shall speed your further development.