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Pinned topic Collapse-drill down issue in Active form

‏2012-09-20T12:41:36Z |
Hi, all.
I have a dynamic subset which includes all records of Staff dimension having enabled_flag='Y'. Staff dim has some hierarchy where members are groupped by the departments.
Let say Dpt1 has emp11, emp12, epm13 but only emp11 has enabled_flag = 'Y'.
While my active form opening for the first time all is Ok. I see Dpt1 and its children emp11. But just i try to collapse hierarchy and drill it down again i can see all the members of Dpt1.
It looks like some kind of TM1 features but actually is a bit painfull for me.
So i need your advise what could be the design to prevent it, maybe the best practices that applied by the TM1 experts . Don't use partial hierarchy in active form, use attributes instead of hierarchy or what else?
Pls, help