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Pinned topic WAS CE 3.0.0 and RACF

‏2012-09-18T19:25:17Z |
Is there a code sample / tutorial / Redbook or whitepaper that will describe how to set up security in WAS CE to authenticate against RACF?

Thanks in advance for any tips
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    Re: WAS CE 3.0.0 and RACF

    You can authenticate against RACF via the z/OS LDAP Server.
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    WAS CE 3.0.0 and RACF

    Hi, I also have the same problem on the same Topic.
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    Re: WAS CE 3.0.0 and RACF


    There is not any related tutorial in wasce for RACF,but wasce provide the extension for security policy.
    Take ldap for example, you can implement your own login module for RACF.
    1. Write a login module for RACF,
    2. Define plan.xml in your application and use RACF login module.

    Please take the following materials for a reference:

    1.Get source code of geronimo 3.0:, take under <sourceCode_home>/framework/modules/geronimo-security/src/main/java/org/apache/geronimo/security/realm/providers directory for a reference.
    2.Take ldap-realm-demo and ldap-realm sample for reference,which from wasce's samples and get from:
    3.Related doc for reference: