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Pinned topic IDA 7.6 Data Source Explorer View - How to Limit Connection Profiles

‏2012-09-18T18:20:05Z |

I am struggling with how to eliminate the BIRT Sample Database and the Derby Sample Database connection (as well as a few others) from appearing whenever I open the Data Source Explorer View for a specific project. We are configuring specific projects to have a certain set of select Database Descriptors (defined by preference files) which automatically restrict the user to only those connection profiles. Unfortunately, other extraneous profiles appear which are not part of the DBDescriptor location and if these connection profiles are not deleted, they appear again when the workspace is opened as (for example BIRT Sample Database2 etc.). I have looked at the options for customizing the Data Source Explorer View but none of the available filters or content options seem to have any effect. I must be missing something. Please help!

Kind Regards, Deborah Hurley d.hurley@streamintegration.com
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    Re: IDA 7.6 Data Source Explorer View - How to Limit Connection Profiles


    In the next release of IDA, user will be able to delete the connection "BIRT Sample Database".
    It's a good suggestion to provide connection filter. I will put it as enhancement for future release.