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Pinned topic Approving multiple request for a custom adapter based service

‏2012-09-17T13:22:27Z |
Hi, we have recently build a RMI based custom adapter using ADT to enable the chat access, using power shell script. The flow goes like this. A batch file is being triggered using the AL whenever there is a request to create a new account(in this case to enable chat) using custom Adapter. This batch file in turn triggers a power shell script which has the command to trigger the scheduler on the server, with the parameter requested. Whenever the scheduled task is modified with the parameters, the chat is enabled for the requested user. Now, this goes fine when the manager approves the request one by one. But when the manager approves the multiple requests(for the same type of service), only the first request is able to hit the end system while the parameters of the other requests is getting replaced by the data of the first request.

However, in the ibmdi.log i could see all the requests being logged.

Any quick help is highly appreciated.