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‏2012-09-17T07:04:53Z |

Some question regarding the Wasdev eclipse developer tools plugin:

Any plans to:

1) upgrade to Dojo 1.8.0 soon? (palette is not working properly with 1.8.0)
2) open source the Eclipse plugin?
3) feature request: context (injected modules) dependend code completion, or already possible?
4) hide private members in the outline more easy (filter by a simple button click)


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    Re: Wasdev eclipse plugin

    Hi Daniel,

    1) If there are enhancements you'd like to see please raise them using the IBM RFE system here: This goes into our internal processes for planning future releases and if we deliver the capability the you'll be emailed when the status changes. I have heard others ask for Dojo 1.8 support but I'm not aware of an RFE yet, so please feel free to open one.
    FWIW, some of the components in our 8.5 release were already at the Dojo 1.8 level (e.g.

    2) We currently have no plans to open-source WDT.

    3) I'm sorry, I don't understand the request. Please post a short code snippet of what you're looking for, or feel free to go straight to and submit an RFE.

    4) Which programming model are you asking for? The Java outline view already has a 'Hide Non-Public Methods'. If that's not enough, you can open an enhancement at