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How to acheive Multi Select Check box attribute in PIM? User need to select from multiple options given to the attribute.
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    Re: Multi Select Check Box in PIM

    To do this, open the spec record from "Data Model Manager" > "Spec/Mapping" > "Spec Console". Select the spec you want to modify and open it for editing. Click on the "+" icon to add an attribute, give the attribute a name and on the resulting screen, you have the following options:
    1. The "Type" parameter determines the type of attribute it is and if you want to give users a list of choices, then you can chose any of lookup table, number enumeration, string enumeration, and relationship depending on your use case.
    2. There is also a field for "Maximum Occurrences". By default it is one meaning the attribute will have one value, but if you chose a higher value, lets say 20, then the user will be able to select up to 20 values for that attribute.