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Pinned topic KVM_Connection_Failure auto resuolve problem

‏2012-09-17T03:12:07Z |
Hi Guys,

KVM_Connection_Failure is VI agent predefined situation, when ESX server restart for 10 minutes, the KVM_Connection_Failure is true only for 10 minutes, the event will close automatically, we got a lot of complaints from user that the event is ignore by operator, how can we disable auto resolve feature or other workaround to keep event for longer time, like 3 hours. I tested it using until clause,set interval expired as 999 hours, it doesn't work. Using "another situation is true", when ESX server connection is failure, another situation is true as well.

Any advise?


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    Re: KVM_Connection_Failure auto resuolve problem

    Hi Tina,
    The auto resolve feature will close a situation once the situation is no more true OR (until... or if other situation is true) not AND (until... or if other situation is true). So once it is false it is closed.
    You write "the event is ignore by operator". If this is a "human problem" try to fix it with a "human solution". A technical solution to solve a human problem is not always the best approach.
    Now if the situation is no longer existent (solved as ESX restarted) why should the operator worked on it?
    If you want to keep track of the situation, one solution could be to use a Policy workflow. Create a new situation (like Keep_Track_KVM_Connection_Failure) that will remain true for let's say 3 hours (Until value in Editor). Create a Policy activated when KVM_Connection_Failure is true and that will start the new situation.
    "There're many ways to skin a cat" so there're other ways of acheiving your goal (ITM is very adaptable, one have to work with it not against it).

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