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Pinned topic DB2 Express 9.5.2 becomes unresponsive on Lion

‏2012-09-16T22:17:54Z |
I recently got a new computer that came with MacOS X 10.7, AKA Lion. I installed the version of DB2 Express linked to here:

It works for a while, but then the database becomes unresponsive. I haven’t found a way to restart it without just restarting the whole machine. If I run “db2stop force”, it never completes.

I have little experience with DB2 so I don’t know whether there are logs I can look at to help with troubleshooting.

Is there some way I can tweak the server so it stops hanging? Or is there a reliable way to kill and restart the server so I don’t have to restart the machine?
Looking forward to a more Lion-compatible version of DB2.