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Pinned topic Success at running Purify on RHEL versions newer than 5.5

‏2012-09-15T22:27:23Z |
We used to be running RHEL 5.2, with

But due to recent security conerns, and require patches we needed. We have upgraded most everything to RHEL 5.8

As I assumed I would, I started to find some problems with Purify on RHEL 5.8. It is a variety of different thigns. Same applications that build fine on 5.2 are bombing out at link time with Purify.

Anyways, I also know I will need to kick on over to RHEL 6.x in the next year or so too.

Is anyone else in the same problems? Do you have workarounds? I'm thinking of keeping an old box around that can run Purify, but I figure if I am paying maintenance and support, I'd not need to do such a thing.
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    Re: Success at running Purify on RHEL versions newer than 5.5

    Hi gschoep,

    If you contact IBM Tech Support, they can make available to you
    internal builds of PurifyPlus that currently support RHEL 6.0
    and 6.1. These are Limited Availability Interim Fixes (LA iFix)
    that are quite stable on RHEL 6.0 and 6.1.

    However, note that RHEL 5.8 is actually a more recent release
    than RHEL 6.0 and 6.1. So, as far as PurifyPlus is concerned,
    you're actually better off using RHEL 6.0 or 6.1. (I believe
    RHEL 5.7 would work as well, but I'm not 100% sure about 5.8).

    Sorry, there is no announced release date for the next release
    of PurifyPlus for Linux and UNIX at this time. So, the LA iFIx
    is your best bet at this time.