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Pinned topic nmon analyzer for open office running Linux?

‏2012-09-14T17:47:56Z |
Is there anyone who has gotten the nmon analyzer to work with open office? The IBM technical reps that were on site recently mentioned that IBM has swapped out their Windows laptops with RHEL images...seems like this will be needed soon or resigned to using a Windows VM and MS Office inside. Thanks for any thoughts!
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  • nagger
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    Re: nmon analyzer for open office running Linux?

    This has been attempted a few times but Open Office is not up to the job.
    It does not support Visual Basic and it is extremely slow (order of magnitude here).
    Open Office and related tools continue to improve but don't hold your breath, sorry, Nigel
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: nmon analyzer for open office running Linux?

    I did a small perl that outputs a spreadhsheet (with charts) from vmstat raw data, since it is a perl it holds no dependency on excel and you can very well view this spreadhsheet with any spreadsheet viewer!

    Am highly optimistic that nmon data can also be analysed using perl and can generate and spread sheet outputs with charts without any dependency on visual basics or excel.

    While a perl nmon anlayser looks pretty possbile, what is missing is the huge amount of time it would take to reinvent analyser with perl :-(