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Pinned topic Does a Steward in Business Glossary have any power?

‏2012-09-14T16:56:00Z |
I'm puzzled by how IBM has implemented a Steward role in Business Glossary. Usually, Data Stewards are the persons responsible for the definition, quality, and integrity of specific data. So I expected that making someone a Steward for a category or term would mean that others with author abilities would not be able to add/change/delete terms where they were NOT listed as the Steward. However - it appears that Steward is simply another attribute like Label or Abbreviation with no 'rights' for the term/category. Is that your understanding as well? How have you made that work within your organization?

I was hoping that Category permissions would be the answer. But Category permissions appears to only be the method to exclude people from even being able to see a term/asset.

I would like to implement a model where a Data Steward is responsible for a set of terms and others can use the Feedback button to request changes.

Otherwise - is there chaos with multiple Stewards being able to make add/change/delete wherever they want? Are my fears groundless? Does this mean we really need to centralize control of the Glossary and Stewards are named simply for feedback and recognition of who needs to be involved in a discussion?

Would appreciate your thoughts and ideas. Thanks.