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Pinned topic Are DeveloperWorks blogs built using Lotus? Pls. Help

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My name is Rahul Mitra and I working on Social Media Marketing for Power Systems. We have a very popular blog hosted on Developerworks for the PowerLinux community. Here is the URL- rks/blogs/fe313521-2e95-46f2-817d-44a4f27eba32/?lang=en

As part of our social media strategy, we are authenticating the social media outlets of our SME's on a Social Media Tool called Spredfast. When I was enrolling this DW blog, I have to answer a question on where the blog is hosted and the options I get are: Wordpress, Blogger or Drupal.

So my query is: are the DW blogs built on Wordpress, Blogger or Drupal? Or are they built using Lotus? Would any of you have an idea on how to authenticate such a blog in Spredfast. Please let me know so I can provide the answer to Spredfast's technical team and try to work something out.

Thanks in advance for help.

-Regards, Rahul
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    Re: Are DeveloperWorks blogs built using Lotus? Pls. Help

    Hello Rahul,

    The Lotus Connections blog software is based on Apache Roller. Do you have a "none of the above" option?

    Jeff Antley
    developerWorks Feedback Team