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Pinned topic cant get any log file from purifyplus in windows

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i am trying to run purify in windows. my command is like
purify /SaveData=D:\app.pfy /SaveTextData=D:\app.txt D:\app.exe -f D:\app.cfg -s app_config <and some arguments for my app>

i after it finishes its run, i cant see any file in D drive. and purify is stopping, so i had to CTRL+C to stop it at end.

and can anyone tell where can i find runtime commandline options for windows with some explaination.

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    Re: cant get any log file from purifyplus in windows

    Hi Roni,

    1. Check the Purify online help (Help -> Help Topics) and search for
    "Command-Line Options (Error Detection)". There you'll find a
    long list of command line options. I've attached the top level
    help page below, but clicking on each option would bring up the more
    detailed explanation.

    2. How long do you wait before you hit CTRL+C? Generally, the last
    thing Purify after your program exits is a "Memory Leak Scan" and
    the leak scan report is included in your log file. If you are
    hitting CTRL+C before the leak scan finishes, you may be preventing
    the log file from being written. In general, it looks like you're
    using the /SaveData and /SaveTextData options correctly.