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Pinned topic New version of nmon2web missing Process graphs

‏2012-09-11T15:34:15Z |
I recently updated to (what seems to be) the most recent version of nmon2web to solve an issue I was having with memory reporting on lpars with active memory expansion enabled.

The version I'm using is found here:

The problem is that with this version, memory reporting works as expected but the process graph isn't generated for any of my systems. Is this a known issue with the current nmon2web version? I've been using those process graphs fairly regularly so hopefully there's a fix.

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    Re: New version of nmon2web missing Process graphs

    Same problem here, checked the rrd_graph commands created and executed them manually.
    Sometimes it worked but mostly it brought the error message:
    STACK must follow AREA or LINE.
    I changed line 414 from
    if ($line =~ /Stacked/ ) { $type="STACK"; }
    if ($line =~ /Stacked/ ) { $type="AREA"; }
    If any stacked graph needs to be created, it will have the first argument with AREA than STACK.

    Additionally I had the issue as my processes have underscores and were not shown correctly or due to incorrect split I had multiple processes with same name.
    Therefore i changed line 2142 from
    $device= (split(/_/,$rrdfile))[1];
    $device= (split(/_/,$rrdfile, 2))[1];

    The only open issue now is that I have so moany processes on the server that the process graph is running out of colors.