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Pinned topic App Center client "No Connectivity" issue.

‏2012-09-11T04:02:20Z |
We are having issues with the App Center clients. The app worked fine for about two weeks and now after login in, instead of showing the app to install/updates it displays "No Connectivity". The same error occurs for everyone, both android and iOS.
This is the same issue some of you helped me debugged in the past but it went away when I reset the db to fix another issue.
I collected logs from WAS, android logcat and http access_log. The logs were captured after clearing the app and connected.

The server is responding with http error 409 when checking for apps:

Entry from android logcat
09-10 23:20:52.441: D/BaseNetworkUtilities(2824): Posted data to http://myhostname/appcenter/service/device with payload {"os":"Android","os_description":"Android 4.0.4","model":"Android SDK built for x86","device_id":"f3c510f64e92817c","nickname":"'s Android SDK built for x86","maker":"unknown"} with response code 409
Any ideas how to fix this problem?

Deployment details:
Applications available: 4 (2 android / 2 iOS, including installers).
Registered devices: 10 (6 android / 4 iOS).
Standalone Application Center
OS: Redhat ESL 6.2 x64
Device: Android 4.0.4


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    Re: App Center client "No Connectivity" issue.

    ‏2012-09-14T19:39:12Z  in response to nievesc
    Hi. I have taken a look through the log files that you posted but do not see anything conclusive, and I have not found any other reports of this problem. Prior to this problem appearing, were any changes made to the environment? A couple of things that I would suggest trying to give us additional information:

    • update the server address in the App Center client to try to connect directly to the app server and bypass the web server - ie: replace the web server host name with the WAS host, and the port number of that the application is listening on

    • try installing the App Center mobile client on a new device and see if the problem occurs

    • regardless of whether either of the above work, please collect the HTTP Server MustGather information for a request failure as described here:

    If you are collecting the data manually, refer to the dynamic content section. Prior to going through the steps of setting up and collecting a trace, you may want to first just upload the other files, including the error_log, to see if the cause can be determined. The general info I have seen on the 409 error indicates that there is some resource conflict that should be able to be resolved on the client side, so I am hoping that the error_log will contain more details about this conflict.


    -=- Tom
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      Re: App Center client "No Connectivity" issue.

      ‏2012-09-15T05:25:12Z  in response to tdressel1
      Tom, I am sorry I have not updated the post before. I am from the AppCenter development team and we are already working on identifying the problem.
      The 409 conflict is not the issue, the device tries to register again whenever you press the connect button on the settings screen. So if it is already registered it is OK to get this conflict (it is the device's way of assuring it is registered already).
      We have identified the problem on the server side and not on the client. The server became very slow over time and the client started getting timeouts on requests. The issue seems to be relate to the a considerable amount of versions for each application but we are still investigating why this causes the slowness.
      We will update the post as soon as we will have more information.