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You are correct the ALLOCATE value would be limited by the 32k row limit for fixed length fields. Regarding the ALLOCATE question the answer is "it depends". ALLOCATE(32000) would allocate 32000 bytes of storage in the fixed length storage container - any BLOB values greater than 32000 bytes would be stored in the variable length storage container and you would have wasted 32000 bytes.

If you're table really just has a key and BLOB value then I would not use ALLOCATE.
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For a web application to display the image of a BLOB image that BLOB value would first have to be copied out to an IFS file. The LOB Locators help with performance of BLOB columns because they enable the LOB value to be processed without DB2 making an internal copy of the LOB value.

On the ODBC and JDBC drivers we recommend using a Max LOB Threshold setting that has a value less than the maximum length of the LOB column. When this is true, a LOB locator is returned to the client until the client application explicitly requests for the LOB value to be copied.
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So does that mean also that there is no way to have multiple versions of iAccess for Windows installed in different directories (with the 5.4 version of the .NET provider referring to components from the 5.4 install of iAccess and the 6.1 version of the .NET provider referring to components from the 6.1 install of iAccess)?

Coming from the Oracle/ODP.NET world, I know you can have side by side installs of different versions of Oracle/ODP.NET client software that are installed into different ORACLE_HOME directories. Why wouldn't a similar side by side install scenario of the iAccess tools be allowed? Watch Ted Movie Online