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Pinned topic RSA JSON Support - MDA UML to JSON (Xform) , JSON Schemas, XML to JSON

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Is there any way to support UML model to JSON (draft schema or objects) transformations? Other questions are support for JSON in RSA past the JSON Editor including support for JSON schemas. Also XML to JSON, when some complex XML schemas. We've had some difficulty generating JSON from complex XML with open source.

Also, what is the best way to work with JSON in RSA? JSON and REST are an emerging requirement and end to end solutions, or even the significant pieces, are needed. MDA for REST seems to be there but appear to be with
only a box in which to put JSON (or XML), which doesn't appear to be much help in generating that JSON.

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    Re: RSA JSON Support - MDA UML to JSON (Xform) , JSON Schemas, XML to JSON

    RSA does not have support for modeling JSON.

    However, in a RESTful service Model, you can use JAXB classes directly as REST parameters. The JAX-RS runtime has the appropriate providers to serialize and de-serialize JAXB classes to/from both XML and JSON.

    Also you can use the XSD Modeling capabilities to generate XSD and then generate JAXB classes from the XSD using xjc compiler.

    I suggest you to raise an enhancement request if you want to see more direct support for JSON.