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Pinned topic HTTP 403 Forbidden error while accessing PME console in MDM Server 10

‏2012-09-07T10:14:13Z | mdm-migration
Steps followed to deploy mdmeme-config.ear in WAS (Refer the MDS_PMEConsoleReference.pdf)

1.Created new profile named Appsrv02 along with a new server which does not hold the MDM ear or any other ear. This is a differrent server profile from where the MDM is installed & running.
2.Created one new Shared libraries named ‘PME Console JNI’ and the scope is as follows.
cells:<<M/c name>>Node02Cell:nodes:<<M/c name>>Node02:servers:server1

The classpath is as follows.

The Native Library path is as follows.

3.In the server we have added a new class loader ‘PME Console JNI’ which we have created earlier.
4.In the Generic JVM arguments field, we added -Xss512k -Xmso512k. the new JVM argument is
-Xquickstart -Xss512k -Xmso512k.
5.We have created a new data source named ‘jdbc/PMEDataSource’.
6.Then we have deployed mdmeme-config.ear successfully. There is no error present in the console as well as in the server log file.

After successful deployment of mdmeme-config.ear, when we trying to access the URL ‘http://localhost:9081/pme/config/index.jsp’, it looks that the login page is being loaded but finally “HTTP 403 Forbidden” error page is thrown. The detailed error message is as follows.
“This error (HTTP 403 Forbidden) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but it does not have permission to view the webpage.”
If we open the ear in the WAS admin console and check the “Security role to user/group mapping”, the “ROLE_USER” option is not checked. We have double checked the WAS security which is not enabled - In the Security option from WAS console, the "Application security" check box (Enable application security) is unchecked.

Please help if any of you have faced a similar problem.