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Pinned topic Tivoli Endpoint Manager Power Management report fails

‏2012-09-07T08:17:00Z |
Hi there,

I tried to view most of the reports for power management in TEM and I get this error: "No historical data has been stored for this policy or group. Historical Data must be stored in order to use this report. Consult your BigFix Console Operator to enable Store Power Data Utility or Group".

On attempt to enable historical tracking on the server, I found out that the BES server plugin service was not installed so I installed and configured it, also enabled historical tracking and power data utility. But to my suprise, the actions reported 100%complete on the target only to revert to the initial stage some few hours later. All the actions now reports "0 applicable compuetrs: 1 targeted computer reported this action non-relevant".

I will appreciate input going forward!