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‏2012-09-06T14:25:49Z |

I'm working on an integration that reads any type of files from an FTP, then upload to Salesforce in Attachment object. I use Get Activity to read files from FTP and convert to Base64 with Base64 Encode function, then map to the body of attachment object as Base64Binary. It ran successfully, but I couldn't see files in Salesforce. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

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    Re: upload attachment to Salesforce

    Hello mark,
    I am new to this Cast iron studio technology. I tried to study since a month to do same kind of project. Will You please share the project which you have done with me. It will be great help for me.
    I also want to know how you run your project. what all s/w need to be install other than cast iron studio to make project runnable..
    How the regular expressions need to be maintain to find particular fname from FTP.

    Please Help me.

    My contact id is