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That's disappointing. Flash first came out in what, 1997? That's disappointing that in ten years no one has opened it up.
I might settle for a java applet instead. Actually I think the java applet's sandbox would restrict me too much. I might be able to pull this off with clever dynamically loaded images. I'll have to play around.
And I did check out that site. It's focus is actual flash apps that are open source, not open source flash tools.
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Anyway, basically, Flash is done with two different methodologies (I think there's even quite a difference between a flash artist and a flash developer):
  • animation: animation is easiest to develop through the timeline
  • scripting: interactivity is easiest to develop through actionscript
actionscript was just recently released to the mozilla team, and you can use Flex SDK to do a lot of heavy lifting for Flash interaction. The Flex SDK is available for free from Adobe.
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complex animation is the reason you would need a timeline. You can get animation from Flash, apparently Swish too ... So, how to tell if you need a timeline?
If you want to build an interface with elaborate, scripted motion (think about the splash pages when you first arrive at some sites, or straight up animation), you kinda need Flash.
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If you want to build a nice, rich, media-centric interface, flex will do it for you.

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