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Pinned topic IBM DS3524 performance issues using ESXi 5.0 with Dell R710 servers

‏2012-09-06T09:59:43Z |
Dear Support Team,

In mentioned attached simple diagram, our customer have one IBM DS3524 with dual SAS controllers and DELL R710 servers on which they are ruining ESXi 5.0 in real time environment (call center, web etc.).

The problem occurs when DB (oracle mysql innodb)mount on IBM storage disks and call center users access it, read/write rate was max 500 to 600 iops, but when same everything will mount on local server disks the iops rate will go on average 1500 to 2000+. Graph screen shorts and log file is attached.

As per client they tried this with RAID 10, 5, 1 and 0 on storage.

Possible reasons:

1. Some problem in interfaces and connectivity.
2. ESXi use virtual network, so may be issue is with virtual network between DB and APP.
3. Server has 15k disks and storage has 10k.
4. Required some kind of performance turbo license for storage.

If you have any solution on our issue….Please guide us…

Thanks & Regards,

Javid Noor
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    Re: IBM DS3524 performance issues using ESXi 5.0 with Dell R710 servers

    Wrong Forum matey.
    This one is for Performance Tool running on IBM machines mostly POWER and mostly AIX.
    We also do nmon for Linux here as there are loads of nmon questions here.

    thanks, Nigel