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Pinned topic JAX-RPC client handelr is not invoked

‏2012-09-05T22:07:44Z |

I have a simple JAX-RPC web service client that needs to insert the username/password elements into the SOAP headers. Unfortunately, the client runs on Websphere 6.1 (on 7.0 I'm using JAX_WS with no problems).

I have tried configuring the handle in in web.xml. Something like

<description>WSDL Service CustomerInfoService</description>
<service-qname xmlns:pfx="">pfx:ServiceInfo</service-qname>

The handler is never invoked.

I tried the programmatic way:

HandlerInfo info = new HandlerInfo(, null, null);
List chain = new ArrayList();

for(Iterator i = service.getPorts(); i.hasNext();) {
QName qn = (QName);
service.getHandlerRegistry().setHandlerChain(qn, chain);

All is in vain. I would very much appreciate some help. TIA