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Pinned topic How to Add a new member to Endevor.

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Using the RD4Z Carma interface you can Retrieve an element from Endevor to a pds that's definied in a Z/OS project.
After changing the member, you can Add it back to Endevor using the option "Team\Add/Update in Endevor" or "Team\Custom\Add Element".
1) Does anybody know the difference between these two options?

2) Does anybody know how to Add a newly created member (in a Z/Os project) to Endevor?
The options to Add an element to Endevor are not available. You can't use the option "Team\Associate with Carma" because the element doesn't exist in Endevor.

(Fyi, we're using RD4Z version 8.5.0.)
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    Re: How to Add a new member to Endevor.

    The difference between 'Add/Update in Endevor' and 'Custom/Add Element' is that 'Add Element' requires you to specify the source data set and member names. That information does not have to be entered when doing 'Add/Update in Endevor'.

    Instructions for adding an element to Endevor can be found at this link: