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Pinned topic DB2 ExpressC can coexist with an expired ESE ?

‏2012-09-05T08:59:33Z |
Dear Colleagues
I used the db2 Enterprise Server Edition implemented in the Vmware appliance based on SUSE SLES server that I downloaded from the IBM site. As foreseen this version is correctly expired. In order to maintain unchanged my environment with Datastudio and many scripts, I tried to install DB2 ExpressC 10 selecting "new product" in the wizard; my expectation was that the expired version and the new ones could be pacifically coexist in two different instances, db2inst1 and db2inst2, for example.
I performed the Express C installation as "su -l root" after logging in with a new user, i.e. no user belonging to the previous DB2 ESE implementation have been used to install Express C. The installation has ended with a major error and the suggestion to run db2support install, that produced the file I annex here.
Have someone any comment about this scenario or technical docs to be read ? Is the (expired) DB2-appliance that introduces any limitation ? Are we required to deinstall DB2 ESE ? Of course, this is not a big problem, but a way to understand the system context.
Thanks for the cooperation. c.l.