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Pinned topic Controller 8 and BI intergration

‏2012-09-05T07:15:30Z |
Hello experts,

We have a typical situation where client is going for a central server management where all controller and other applications will be migrated.

Now a question is how integrated is controller 8.x and cognos BI?
1. How is it possible to publish consolidated or entity-wise data to BI?
2. How is it possible to publish statutory reports created within controller to be available on Cognos BI?

Thanks in advance.
  • richcoll
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    Re: Controller 8 and BI intergration


    Here is a Technote which may help getting started with Controller integration with other Cognos products:

    However, I would advise everyone who is thinking of publishing Controller data to data marts (for analysis via BI) to seriously consider publishing to a TM1 cube instead (known as using "FAP").

    • FAP is near real-time
    • It's free (built into the software/license)
    • It's incredibly powerful.

    Good luck,

    - Richard.