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Pinned topic FileNet Image Services Centera Usage

‏2012-09-05T00:32:34Z |
I need to know if there is a way to determine exactly how much Centera space the FileNet Image Service system has consumed. Our Centera cluster is shared with other non-FileNet systems and my enterprise storage folks aren’t sure how they can provide that information without “information from the SDK/API in control”. I do not know how to accomplish this.
Prior to 2012 we were writing to optical so it was easier to estimate our usag
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    Re: FileNet Image Services Centera Usage

    ‏2013-02-05T16:04:07Z  in response to KennyCrum
    Try doc_tool's SDSinfo space option, after having done an allowupdates.


    <DOC_tool:lib b>sds Summary info, Detailed, Worker info, All info, Find object, List, DELETE, SPACE? (
    'space') :

    I could find no info on this 'space' option in the Systools guide, but it uses the docs table (perm db) to calculate how much (in GB) you are storing using sds.

    I'd strongly recommend testing this in a non production environmnet 1st.
    And outside of production hours when running in production env.

    I took the default of waiting 1 second per 1000 docs and it ran for about 15 hours...
    You may want to set that to 0 instead.

    ....2013/02/05 01:50:18.202 238,0,1 <fnsw> doc_tool  (2996.10396.76 0xbb4.289c) ... [INFO] sds_space_usage: Finished total_docs_scan=142264283 docs_sds=19481753 (1377.736914GB) sleep_delay=1 between 1000 selects doc range 100000-3999999999 last doc selected=198233032   2013/02/05 01:50:18.202 238,0,1 <fnsw> doc_tool  (2996.10396.76 0xbb4.289c) ... [INFO] sds_space_usage: sds=IS-Centera (2) num_docs=19481753 space_used=1377.736914GB

    We setup a seperate Centera pool for our IS and access it using a pea file.
    We can easily monitor the amount of space we use via the Centera command line interface.

    Config# show pool detail FNIS Centera Pool Detail Report ------------------------------------------------------ Generated on 05 February 2013 06:02:31   Pool Name:                          FNIS Pool ID:                            ########-####-####-####-############-## Pool Mask:                          rdqeDcwh Cluster Mask:                       rdqe-cw--h   Pool Quota Alert:                   3,000 GB Pool Quota Hard Stop:               -- Used Pool Capacity:                 2,494 GB Free Pool Capacity (Alert):         506 GB Free Pool Capacity (Hard Stop):     -- Number of C-Clips:                  32321311 Number of Files:                    32321311