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Pinned topic unknown filesystem type 'gpfs'

‏2012-09-04T23:44:15Z |
GPFS version 3.5
RHEL linux 6.2

All GPFS manager nodes are up and running in my cluster. There are two different GPFS filesystems. I can mmmount one of the filesystems, but when I try to mmmount the second, I get the following error:
mount: unknown filesystem type 'gpfs'
Both of the filesystems are defined similarly in /etc/fstab, that is, both are defined as filesystem type "gpfs".

Any idea why one is succeeding and the other is failing to recognize the "gpfs" filesystem type?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
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    Re: unknown filesystem type 'gpfs'

    That message normally occurs when the system tries to mount file systems at initialization before the GPFS daemon has started. I assume this is not the case here, and this is happening some time after boot and the GPFS daemon is running? What do you see in /var/adm/ras/mmfs.log.latest when you try to mount the problematic FS?

    Are the entries in /etc/fstab essentially identical?

    Do you get a valid response from mmlsfs for both file systems on the problem node?