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Pinned topic Merging RowId from QueryPage operation with Data to update Truck

‏2012-09-04T21:00:45Z |
I've first need to query CRM to retrieve the RowId, which uniquely identifies records in CRM. To update trucks I will be providing RowId's value along with providing the new truck data. I have ListOfIds variable that holds all RowIds' in CRM. I have CompTruck variable that holds my data to update a truck. There is no way I can relate the two variables without returning SerialNumber from CRM. SerialNumber would be what I pass in from CompTruck. Then I could match RowIds to the correct record thru use of SerialNumber. However I can't seem to update the schema file without receiving the error, "Cannot update using the content from ListofIDs: Error Msg: This document is not a schema @ document element mismatch got document". How can I update the schema file without getting this error?