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Pinned topic What does the hostname lshost. mean in the rmserver table?

‏2012-09-04T14:44:02Z |
I have a customer with CM on SLES 10 using HADR for LS failover. RM backup/failover is done via RM replication. Monitoring and failover is done by Tivoli Systems Automation.

We tried to force replication of some items stored in RMDBB (backup site) to the RMDBP (productive site) via INSERT into table RMREPLICATION. The resource manager throws an error that it cannot reach the LS DB which is active on the other host on the P site.

I assume that icmrm tries to reach the LSDB via JDBC. In the table RMSERVER is see the string "lshost." as the hostname. What is the meaning of that string? Can I replace it by the virtual IP which always points to the active LSDB?

Thanks for all tipps.