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Pinned topic Rational rose RT or Technical developer and Eclipse

‏2012-09-03T21:47:55Z |
Is there any way to connect (Rational rose RT or Technical developer) and Eclipse.

What is this plugin

quoteGA-04 Eclipse Plug-In

Compatible with Windows Rose RealTime V2003.06.13.
*Solaris & Linux Rose RealTime V2003.06.13 Eclipse Plug-In information available soon[/quote]
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    Re: Rational rose RT or Technical developer and Eclipse

    Hi Marko,

    The plugin to which you refer is based on a rather old version of Eclipse. It basically allowed linkage between RoseRT and the Eclipse editor (e.g., for code fragments). It does not provide a full integration. If you want that full "RoseRT in Eclipse" experience for existing RoseRT models, you might want to have a look at Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition (

    If you are looking at developing new embedded/real time applications (i.e., not based on existing RoseRT models), you should have a look at Rhapsody (, which also has an Eclipse integration.

    /- Charles Rivet - Telecommunications Industry Offering Manager - IBM Rational