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Pinned topic TM1 Contributor with several scenarious/versions

‏2012-09-03T16:52:40Z |
Hi, all.
Suppose we have developed application with websheets for Contributor v.10.1 and we have a few scenarious (s1,s2...). Let say s1 for FY13 plan and s2 for FY13 half-year correction
As i understand after users approve the whole budget values for s1 and s2 will be locked for submitting. Hence they can't do half-year correction, is it right?
Pls, advise what can be done. Do i have to create new applications with new e-list for s2 or even create new server and manually change server name in websheets. Or there is another more easy way or workaround i don't know yet
Thank you for any idea you'll give me