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Pinned topic Languageware PEAR files in ICA 3.0

‏2012-09-01T14:27:38Z |
I've been developing models with LW. All went well with ICA 2.2, after upgrading to 3.0, I can't seem to configure properly. Facets aren't visible and parser keeps rejecting docs due to CAS2 issue.
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    Re: Languageware PEAR files in ICA 3.0

    Mike, this is likely a compatibility thing. Languageware was upgraded (and renamed) as part of the release of ICA 3.0. You will want to use ICA Studio v3.0 (the upgrade from LRW) to export push your annotators to ICA 3.0. Contact me via email if you don't have access to that on your download site.