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‏2012-08-31T20:53:20Z |
Hi, I am new to SCCD. I have imported discovery data into SCCD from Bigfix and have successfully promoted one of my computer assets from a Deployed Asset to an IT asset. The problem is: I don't have any records in the Asset application. How do I get my promoted asset to appear here?

Thanks for your time
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    Re: Asset Promotion Question

    Hi there. This forum is focused on SmartCloud Monitoring, and may not be monitored by people working on SmartCloud Control Desk. To make sure you get an answer to your question, please send me a private message, with your contact information, and I'll put you in touch with someone that can answer your questions.

    ~Marvin Goodman
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    Re: Asset Promotion Question

    Thank you Marvin. I eventually got the promoted assets to appear in the Assets application in Smartcloud Control Desk. I chalked it up to a fluke. Don't know what happened. I restarted server and problem resolved itself. I would appreciate a suggestion for a correct forum for future questions regarding SCCD. Thanks so much,

    L. Johnson