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Pinned topic Create an Event Action to Un-file a document and then apply a security pol.

‏2012-08-31T14:45:54Z |
I'm trying to create an event action in my FEM. I've walked through the wizard, created the new event action and need to create the Javascript code that will do what I need the Event Action to do:

Here is an overall explination of what I'm trying to do:

Once a document gets filed into a certain folder (called "Inactive") I need the event action to fire off and run the javascript.

  • The scripts first step needs to un-file the document from it's original CM location.

  • The scripts second step needs to apply a security policy that has been created on the corrsopnding record documents (on the RMFPOS) to the document(s) that were moved (on the ROS).

If anyone has examples of how to do this through Javascript or through java (and if its through regular java -- what do i need to do to get it to work through the code module etc.)...

thanks for everyone's help ahead of time.

Best regards,

Ryan J. Boyle