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Pinned topic New wiki articles for August 2012

‏2012-08-31T07:34:17Z |
There are three new wiki articles and two updates for the month of August.

Top level for the TDSz wiki is

The new and updated articles can be seen in the latest updates section at the top of that page.

1/ Added 'Combining SMF logs from multiple systems for collection' article. Shows how to combine SMF log files from multiple systems while still maintaining the required order.

2/ Added 'Migrating to DB2 10 for z/OS with TDSz' article. Covers aspects of running TDSz alongside DB2 10.

3/ Added 'Product news' section for interesting announcements. This is a new section where we plan on putting interesting news of recently introduced or upcoming features.

4/ Updated 'Collecting data' and 'Running different versions of TDSz in the same DB2 subsystem' articles. Relatively minor changes to clarify certain points.